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Hair Transplantation by Bio-FUE Method


Here at Reyuva Hair Transplant Center the hair transplantation is done by special Bio-FUE method, in which the individual follicles of the hairs from back of the head are taken and kept in PRP (Platelet rich plasma) which supplies these follicles with growth factors. These hair follicles are then implanted to the bald areas. Since the hair follicles are already stimulated by the growth factors from the platelets there is almost 100% uptake of the grafts (hair follicles).


Hair Transplantation by latest Bio - FUE technique (Follicular unit extraction) in which one follicle (with multiple hairs) are extracted from the donor site (most common - back of the head). to the balding area. The techinque is time consuming as the single follicle is extraced and is implanted to the donor site But the advantage of this technique is no or minimal scarring with exellent result.


FAQs About Hair transplantation

Q.1. What is Hair transplantation ?

A. Hair Transplantation is a Surgical Technique which removes hair follicles from one part of the body (called donor area) to another part of the body where the natural hairs have fallen off called as recipient area. Commonly the hairs from back of the scalp are transplanted to the area on the front part of the scalp where the male pattern of balding occurs.

Q.2. What is the male pattern of baldness?

A. Men undergo baldness in a typical pattern which is common to all. This pattern of loss of hairs first starting from the edges of the scalp and forehead (called as frontal hair loss) and then continuing backward, involving the vertex and full top of the head is called as male pattern of baldness. It is classified according to Norwood classification starting from stage I to stage VII.

Q. 3. What is effect of Testosterone on Hairs?

A. Testosterone is converted to Di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair roots which triggers premature hair loss.

Q. 4. Is this effect of Testosterone causing hair loss equal to all body hairs?

A. For the male hormone to go and attach on the Hair Root, it requires a Receptor Site where it can go and attach. These receptors are absent on the hair roots of the back-side of the head. This area is called as the Donor Area or Permanent Zone or Bald Resistant Zone. The effect of testosterone is opposite on the beard hairs and causes them to grow instead of premature hair fall. The male hormone therefore, cannot attach on the hair roots of the donor area (as they do not have the receptor site for attachment of the male hormone). Therefore the hair in these areas won’t be affected by the male hormone and would stay permanently for the whole life. That is why this area is called as Permanent Zone. So we take the hair from this area and implant it into the bald area, so that later these implanted hair should not fall-off because of the effects of DHT
This forms the logic of Hair Transplant.

Q. 5. What is the difference between single hair and single hair follicular unit ?

A. Normally hair are present in naturally occurring groups of 1-4 hair. These naturally occurring groups are called as Follicular units or grafts. The extraction from donor area is done as follicular units and not individual hair. On an average one follicular unit or a graft has 2.5 hairs in it. So when we say 1000 grafts or follicular units, it means 2500 hair.

Q. 6. What is FUE Technique?

A. The latest method of doing hair transplant is by FUE method. The hair follicles on the scalp are in groups of two, three or four which gives them density. Each group supplied with its own blood supply, arrector pilli muscle and sebaceous gland. This group of hairs is called as a single follicle. FUE stands for Follicle Unit Extraction. In this method a small punch (hollow cylinder) of 0.8 mm or 0.9 mm is used which is equal to the total width single follicle. The whole follicle is extracted together with hairs, roots and some sub-cutaneous tissue. This unit extraction is called as FUE or follicular unit extraction.
The whole follicle is then implanted to the area where it is required. The most common places to extract the hair follicles

Q. 7. How many hair follicle will I require?

A. It depends upon the area of baldness where the hairs are required. It is usally 25 to 5 follicular units per sq. cm. Density can be divided into Full density = which implants about 35 to 40 FU/ and Camouflage density = which implants about 20 - 25 FU/

Q. 8. What is FUT or strip technique of hair transplant ?

A. Strip technique or FUT: (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a Surgical technique involves harvesting a strip of skin from your Backside of head. The hair are then separated and implanted on the bald area. This involves cutting your scalp skin, then stitching it. This technique is therefore painful, gives a long linear scar.

Q. 9. What technique is being done at Reyuva Hair Transplant Center?

A. We do FUE technique at Reyuva Hair Transplant Center which is painless, Scarless, and gives a very quick recovery after hair transplant. There are no cut or scars or sitches, there is no pain, with no or minimal bleeding and almost no side-effects.